English Courses For Civil Aviation

T.R. Istanbul Rumeli University prides itself in offering a comprehensive English Program to students of the Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies and the Department of Transportation Services.

Students enrolled in the Aircraft Technology, Civil Aviation Cabin Services and Civil Aviation Transportation Administration programs receive an intensive compulsory general English education their first year of studies. In their first year students in these programs participate in English classes which aim to establish a strong foundation in general English so that students are able to understand and communicate effectively in day to day activities and life. Our English program takes students in their first year from A1 (at beginning of the year) to B1 (at the end of the year) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students in all three programs receive compulsory 13 hours a week of English courses their first year. Our curriculum uses communicative teaching methods and values the communicative approach as this will be of significant importance in our students’ subsequent personal and professional lives.

In their second year, students move on to compulsory Vocational English classes after having acquired the necessary foundation in English their first year.